Who we are

A-med is a privately held pharmaceutical company with offices in Germany and Austria. We market high quality pharmaceuticals under our own label and have built the business of several partners using A-med's umbrella and know-how.

Our Strategy

  • Offer high quality pharmaceutical products from our own or those of our partner's label 
  • Further build on innovative medical and social network marketing Services, enabling direct professional access to our common customers
  • Flexible, experienced, entrepreneurial and lean organisation
  • Create synergies for partnerships ready from start by using A-med's platform
  • Make usage from our international network 
  • Be among the best in supply accuracy 

Our Vision

To partner with A-med is first choice for pharmaceutical companies that are planning a business expansion:

  • into Europe
  • into specific countries in Europe
  • into specific business Segments (Hospital, Retail, Biosimilars, OTC, Veterinary, Licencing-in/out)